Look down on us, O Father
Who dwelst in purest light
A company of children
Here gathered in thy sight
Our lives take Thou in keeping
That we may ever be
As Thou dost wish us happy
True resolute and free

In seed time and in harvest
Thy power divine we own
Send forth Thy quickening spirit
And bless the seed here sown
Oh do Thou guide our footsteps
In life's dim dubious ways
That all our thought and actions
May bring to Thee due praise

In all our joys and sorrows
We know Thou hast Thy part
May we too show to others
A loving tender heart
Bound by the ties of friendship
From schooldays to the end
May each to each prove ever
True comrade and true friend
House Hymns

Victoria/Dewar House
Land of Our Birth we pledge to

Mary/Wearn House
Dear Lord and Father of

Elizabeth/Allen House
O Brother Man, fold to Thy heart

Baskett House
Lift up your hearts

Vfyhuis House
O Son of Man, Our Hero strong
and tender
The Houses at BHS are all
named after former
Headmistresses. The names of
the three older houses were
changed in 1975.
The School Hymn
BHS Alumni Association Toronto Chapter