The Bishops' High School.
Photograph taken in early
History of the Bishops' High School
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Guyana is located on the north-east
coast of South America
The Bishops' High School.
Photograph taken in 2010
The school was founded by the Anglican Church as a ladies' school. It later
merged with  Mrs. Vfyhuis's school, also founded in 1870, and then with the
DeSaffon school.

Mrs. Vfyhuis was offered headship of the combined schools in 1875. The
school's first   home was at Brickdam and Manget Place, and then at "Minto
House" on Waterloo Street. It later moved to "Lamaha House" at Carmichael
and Lamaha Streets, the property of Bishop E.A. Parry.

In 1907 Bishop E.A. Parry moved the school to "Woodside House" (now known
as "Transport House") on Main Street, and it became known as "Woodside
House School". In 1921 the school moved to its present location at Carmichael
and Murray (now known as Quamina) Streets.

In 1922 Bishop E.A. Parry retired and the school then became known as "The
Bishops' High School".

Bishop Parry died in 1936 and the "Oswald Parry Hall" was opened at the School.

In January 1936, the School was handed over to the Government of British
Guiana. The new building was opened on January 5, 1946.

In 1970 the School celebrated its centennial.

The Bishops' High School became a co-educational institution in 1975.

In 1995 Bishops' High School celebrated its 125th anniversary.

In 2005 the
Board of Governors was re-instated. All members of the Board are
appointed by the Ministry of Education. The objectives of the Board are

•        To promote a more supportive home-school-community environment.
•        To make the school community more accountable for the delivery of
•        To encourage the community to be more responsive to the education of
its young citizens
•        To monitor and evaluate all aspects of school operations.
•        To make optimal use of all available resources

In 2011 Bishops' High School has a student body of over 600. There are five
Houses, Dewar, Allen, Baskett, Wearn, and Vfhuis. The Houses are all named
after former Headmistresses.